Software Applications

You’ve got the perfect software for your business. Well, almost. That is, if only you could add new features to it that meets the very specific needs of your business. At VLS Technologies, we can modify your existing software and make it perform exactly the way you want it.

From open source, to commercial applications, to your custom applications, we can modify these to meet your exacting needs. All you need is to specify the feature that you would like to add to your existing software and we will take care of the rest.

Our modification services also cover selected open source and commercial applications. If you want to give your current software a new lease on life, we can perform adaptive, corrective and preventive forms of modifications.  It will then meet the demands of tomorrow’s technology today. What's more, we can also help improve your software by checking flaws and correcting them, to make it run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

VLS Technologies also offers custom software support plans for continued affordable support after the project is completed. Just because the project is over doesn’t mean the support we provide goes away with it. You can choose from the several plans that we offer—from three months to an entire year—all with reasonable rates and unparalleled range of support.

To find out more about our custom support plans, contact us today.