Interface Design Standards

bad interfaceDevelopers are so pumped up on technology and software function, we forget the end user just might have different priorities. The question is, if you are going to be spending a few dozen hours a week staring at a particular software application, you at least want it to be easy on the eyes. You also need it to be as easy to navigate and use as possible. With the amount of software being churned out, only an estimated 4 out of 10 software applications have a great UI the end user likes and is comfortable using.

A massive amount of internal-use software is created for corporations. Whether it is developed in-house, or under the care of a consultant—often a bare minimum of time, effort, or money is invested into creating a better Interface. The 'designer' role is rare in the development cycle—especially in the world of graphical applications. That's not to say your application's UI is ugly, but that there's just a whole lot more you can do. "Good enough" or "Gets the job done" doesn't cut it anymore.

VLS Technologies has spent years keeping abreast of current graphical standards for a variety of platforms.  We focus on the overall look and feel, spacing and positioning, sizing, grouping and intuitiveness. It doesn't require too much investment of time or money on your part, and adds a very good return on investment.  The result will be richer applications with better intuitive functionality.  With some foresight and good planning, you can create a great user experience for your applications.