Barista Application Framework


BASIS takes a new productivity leap forward in GUI development with the Barista® Application Framework. Barista is BASIS' GUI-only data dictionary-driven development framework that facilitates new GUI application development, conversion of CUI applications to GUI and modernization of existing GUI applications.

Barista is database independent and works with both modern SQL RDBMS as well as legacy BASIS file types. Barista imports a third party RDBMS or a BASIS data dictionary and, with little development effort, delivers a functional GUI application running on multiple platforms with a modern GUI look-and-feel, standardized keyboard and mouse navigation, and a built-in SQL-based inquiry engine. Barista delivers enormous productivity gains on both initial product development and, more importantly, on future application maintenance and enhancement tasks.

VLS Technologies was the developer of the original product which evolved into the Barista Application Framework.  Because of this, we have an intimate knowledge of all Barista functions and abilities, and are able to quickly and efficiently create new applications using this toolset.  If you're considering building an application using the Barista Application Framework, contact us to help you immediately move down the correct path.