mod servicesHelping companies develop new technologies, and new products based on those technologies is a core part of what VLS Technologies offer. Our technical resources have the skills and experience needed to take the seed of a new technology and develop it into a fully-functional, commercial product. This type of service provides companies with a cost-effective alternative to in-house technology and product development.

VLS also specializes in problem identification and resolution.  This is often a difficult task for busy executives. In many instances it is advantageous to have the assistance of a knowledgeable, unbiased software development company experienced in business software design. VLS Technologies has helped numerous organizations identify and resolve complex business problems. We have hands on experience in a wide variety of environments ranging from large automated warehouses to sophisticated customer contact centers. Our software design and development resources have years of experience in custom programming and application software development. We can help you identify and resolve problems with your business processes, information systems, or technology utilization. The VLS consulting methodology includes, but is not limited to, the following tasks:


  • Defining the problem - Businesses often treat symptoms instead of addressing the actual cause of a problem. Our experience and focus allows us to zero in on the real issues causing the problem and our software consultants can recommend the appropriate business software solution.

  • Quantifying the problem - Knowing the source of a business problem is not enough. Proper problem resolution requires an in depth understanding of the effects of the problem, either in terms of value (dollars) or opportunity. Problem resolution decisions should always be based upon some tangible benefit such as increased profits, improved customer loyalty, or some other strategic objective.

  • Identifying a solution - After the nature and scope of the problem have been identified, it is time to evaluate and select a methodology for resolution. In most cases, problem will outweigh the cost/benefits. VLS can assist you in the evaluation and selection of software solutions, technology and hardware solutions, and process enhancement strategies.

  • Implementing the solution - Change within an organization is never easy. That is often why the problem existed in the first place. Custom business software solution implementation requires diligent, systematic management to succeed. Proper planning and precise timing are necessary to guarantee ongoing business operations during implementation.